I teach courses in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University.

BA Artificial Intelligence

  • KI2V13007      Computational Linguistics (course coordinator)
  • KI1V13004      Introduction to Linguistics for AI

BA Linguistics

  • TL3V13001      Digital Tools and Methods (course coordinator)
  • TW2V13002    Language and Computation (course coordinator)

MA Artificial Intelligence

  • INFOMMAIR    Methods in AI Research
  • INFOMCM        Cognitive Modeling
  • INFOMEPL       Experimentation in Psychology and Linguistics

Research MA Linguistics

  • TLRMV16102   Phonology: Typology and Acquisition


Past courses:

I previously worked in the Department of Linguistics at New York University (2013-2015) where I created and taught the following new courses:

  • LING-GA-3250  Computational Methods for Linguistics
  • LING-GA-2945  Statistical Analysis in Linguistics
  • LING-UA-24      Patterns in Language (with Lucas Champollion)

Other courses I have taught in the past:

  • Taal en Leren (Language Acquisition. MA Taal, Mens en Maatschappij), Utrecht University.
  • Language Typology, Sounds and Acquisition (MA Educatie en Communicatie EN), Utrecht University.
  • Learning to Speak: The First and Second Language Acquisition of Sound (with Lisa Davidson), New York University.
  • Seminar in Phonology (with Maria Gouskova), New York University.
  • Phonological Acquisition in Optimality Theory (with Rene Kager), Utrecht University.
  • Optimality in Linguistics: Theory and Acquisition (with Tom Lentz), Utrecht University.