Phonotactic learning: StaGe

Below is a downloadable version of the phonotactic learning models described in Adriaans & Kager (2010). The collection of Perl scripts can be used to run phonotactic learning and speech segmentation simulations, allowing the user to train models on new data sets, with the possibility to use other statistical measures, thresholds, and a different inventory of phonological segments and features. The package implements several learning models (StaGe, transitional probability, observed/expected ratio) and segmentation models (OT segmentation, threshold-based segmentation, trough-based segmentation). Details about these models are given in the paper:

Adriaans, F., & Kager, R. (2010). Adding generalization to statistical learning: The induction of phonotactics from continuous speech. Journal of Memory and Language, 62, 311–331. DOI: [.pdf]

Please cite the above paper when using any of the models provided here. See the manual below for additional details.